Love Stories

Preserving the essence of your union in words and pictures to pass down to your children – and their children

How It Works

Love Story albums can take a few months to complete, so it’s important to start this process as soon as possible, instead of delaying until right before your anniversary or wedding. The sooner your Love Story is completed, the more value it has because brides and grooms can use it on their wedding website and in their ceremony program, etc.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

1.  You select which package you would like.

2.  You fill out a short background form about your relationship and email it back to me. The form will give you a short description of what you can expect to be discussed in the interview.

3.  I interview each partner separately, either in person or on the phone. Total interview time is about three hours; the interview with the first person is the longest because that’s when I gather the basic background information. Each partner is asked not to disclose details of the interviews with each other, so your answers will be spontaneous.

4.  I write your Love Story and email it to you for your review. You then email me your requested changes, suggestions, and comments.

5.  I amend it and email it back to you for a second review. You are welcome to request one round of minor changes before it is finalized. In sum, you get two rounds of revisions.

6.  If you want an album in addition to just the story, you will provide me with a variety of high-resolution photos from your time together. If you selected Package 3 for an album supplemented with professional photos, a professional photographer needs to shoot your portraits. Locally in South Florida where I am based, award-winning photographer Benjamin Rusnak is available, and his price is included in the package. His website is I also partner with other professional photographers, whose price is included in the package. Katie Warnke is available in Denver, Colorado: Edward Linsmier is available in Tampa, Florida: And, Lance Murphey is available in Memphis, Tennessee:

7.  If you have selected Package 4 with a wedding album, you will provide me with high-resolution photos from your courtship (and engagement, if available) and arrange for your wedding photographer to provide me with toned photos from your wedding.

8.  Half of your payment is required up-front before the interviews, and the remainder is expected upon delivery of the final product.