Love Stories

Preserving the essence of your union in words and pictures to pass down to your children – and their children


Whether you’re celebrating decades of a marriage or about to tie the knot, every couple’s story is beautiful and special. Let an award-winning journalist help you tell it and capture it for generations to come.

Photography is a traditional and classic way to document memories, but how often do you see a couple’s Love Story documented in writing to enhance the photographs from life’s most important events?

Vested with two decades of writing and editing experience in the newspaper industry, I craft custom, journalism-style stories for milestone anniversaries and weddings and weave them through an album that I design with your photos from over the years, as well fresh shots taken by a professional photographer if you choose. The personalized accounts illustrate the evolution of an anniversary couple’s marriage — how they met, their wedding, children, travels and adventures. For a bride and groom, I describe the stages of love that led to marriage — their first date, the proposal, when they realized each other was “The One,” wedding and honeymoon plans, and dreams for the future. The memoirs are emotional, poignant, humorous, and sentimental, told in your own words using quotes from interviews with you.

An anniversary album can be a wonderful, meaningful gift from your spouse or grown children and family members, instead of just another materialistic present. Plus, it serves as historical documentation to pass down through the generations of your family. Ask yourself: Do you know the Love Story of your grandparents, for example?

Here are 10 ways to use your love story for a wedding:

1. Read your story at your rehearsal dinner to family and friends, perhaps accompanied by a slideshow of photos.

2. Create an engagement album weaving your story through courtship photos and perhaps professional portraits.

3. Display the story or engagement album at your wedding reception for guests to read.

4. Print your story or an abridged version in your ceremony program.

5. Run as an introduction in your wedding album or weave throughout an album with pictures from your courtship AND wedding.

6. Post your love story on your wedding website to share with friends and family.

7. Share your engagement or wedding album online with friends and family, particularly those who can’t attend the wedding.

8. Keep as a memento forever, perhaps to read at your 50th wedding anniversary party.

9. Give your engagement or wedding album to family members as special, memorable Christmas or birthday gifts.

10. Serve as a testament to hand down to generations for them to remember your life together as part of the family history.

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